Songbook Joshua Carson Complete

Cover Songbook Joshua Carson

Songbook für Gitarre

Veröffentlicht: 2006
Label: Eigenvertrieb


  1. A Little Thing
  2. A Pocketful Of Dreams
  3. Amore
  4. Here I Go Again
  5. I Can Fly
  6. I Got The Blues
  7. If I Only Had A Brain
  8. If You Say You Will
  9. In Love Again
  10. In My Dreams
  11. Leaving Tonight
  12. Not Just Pretending
  13. Santa Still Believes In You
  14. She Can
  15. Someday I Will Know (How Good It Feels To Hold Her Body Close)
  16. Start A Fire
  17. Straight From The Heart
  18. Superman
  19. Tell Your Heart
  20. Tidal River
  21. Timeless
  22. What I Feel Inside
  23. You Can Run (But You Can´t Hide)

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