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If you're looking for new ways to get potential customers to notice your business, then a sponsored road trip or travel film is an exciting option, don't you think?

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My travels and road trips take us to the most beautiful places in the world: Through the Canadian forests and the vastness of Alaska, to the wild fjord landscapes of Scandinavia and the sunny south of Europe.

As an experienced road-tripping vanlifer and Youtuber with a loyal following, I offer you and your company the unique opportunity to showcase your brand to a new and broad audience.

With a partnership for my next project, you have the opportunity to associate your products or services with a unique road trip experience in an incomparably authentic and practical way.

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You decide: Short presentation or travel film

Connect your business with a growing audience of adventurers and travel enthusiasts. Together, we can create unique stories that strengthen your brand and expand your target audience.

Like many other companies in the industry, take advantage of the potential of targeted placement of your brand and check out my videos and sponsoring partners to get an idea of my work.


Testing and presentation of your product (in German language)..

890,00 €


Your product/brand presents my film (in German language).

You can find the respective price for my travel projects on the corresponding project page.

Why a partnership is worth it for you

My past road trips, film, and video projects speak volumes: With my last two road trip films alone, I was able to reach nearly 1 Million viewers combined, and my gadget and review videos also reach five-figure views (as of 04/2023). The trend is on the rise!

My Youtube statistics show that the majority of my viewers are male, aged between 35 and 65 years old, who are passionate about topics such as vanlife, road trips, camping, outdoor activities, and similar.

And the best part is: The past viewership numbers give us a pretty accurate idea of what we can expect in the future, as the trend has been showing for years that Germans' desire to travel is continuously increasing. More and more people are willing to spend money on vacation trips, camping gear, and outdoor equipment.

Use this enormous advertising potential to your own marketing advantage and become a partner now!

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