Discover the best gadgets

for your camper van lifestyle

Here, I present a list of useful, innovative, and practical products that I can't imagine my life on the road without. Whether you're a beginner or, like me, a regular traveler, these gadgets will surely make your journeys more enjoyable, safer, and more comfortable. Have fun discovering!

The links will take you to the respective provider's site. If you order something there, I will receive a small commission. The products will not cost you any extra."

HG POWER GLUE: Strong professional adhesive for plastic, rubber, stone, and more. Reliable repair in seconds.

GOALZERO Venture 35 Power Bank: Compact, lightweight, durable, and waterproof. Ideal for reliable power supply on the go. Also available as a set with the Goalzero Nomad 10 solar panel.

The GOALZERO Nomad 10 foldable solar panel: Compact, lightweight, and powerful, fits in any backpack. Also available as a set with the Goalzero Venture 35 power bank.

NEMO Helio™ LX Pressure Shower: Floor-standing, pressure travel shower with a 22-liter tank. Collapsible, ideal for on-the-go and versatile applications.

CONVERTIGER 100 Watt charging socket: 100-watt charging socket with buck-boost converter, offers fast charging without an inverter and saves electricity.

PETZL Swift RL headlamp: Powerful 1100 lumens, 7 hours runtime, REACTIVE LIGHTING®, red reading and emergency light, USB-C rechargeable.

Residual-current device (RCD) cable for 230V devices, indoor and outdoor, with IP44 personal protection and residual-current circuit breaker. Provides reliable protection against electric shocks.

Tire repair nails, easy to use, robust and durable, high sealing performance, suitable for almost all vehicles.

Barefoot shoes: Lightweight, flexible, and breathable. Promote natural foot movement and offer optimal comfort for everyday wear, hiking, and sports.

Grid glasses. Trains eye muscles and promotes relaxation, versatile in use, can also be used as sunglasses, available in various designs.