Sascha Ohde

One of the first full-time vanlifers in Germany

My name is Sascha, I'm a YouTuber, filmmaker, photographer, chocoholic, and I've been a full-time vanlifer since 2011. On my YouTube channel , I regularly share my latest travel films and vlogs, and provide my followers with tips on products related to vanlife, RVs, travel, and the outdoors.

I was born in 1970 in Bad Segeberg, northern Germany. After completing my training as a programmer in 1994, I chose a more challenging path and spent nearly 20 years as a musician touring in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Besides performing on stage, what I enjoyed most was touring and being on the road. That's why in 2011, I decided to trade my apartment for a camper van and have been what is now known as a "vanlifer" ever since.

"If our life really flashes before our eyes before we die, I don't want to just see my boss."

Since then, I often find myself on figuratively rockier paths, capturing my excursions, travels, and road trip adventures in my photos and films. It's a passion that has been deeply rooted in me since my early years, although it never progressed beyond a few Super-8 films during school days. That's why in 2018, it was high time for my own youtube channel..

Preikestolen Norwegen

"Do you ever feel lonely when you're traveling alone?"

I get asked this question a lot. But thanks to my amazing followers, I'm never alone for a second. That's why I'm excited for you to join in, accompany me on my travels, and become part of the 'best community in the world'!