My video package includes:

1. Road trip film

  • You are the sole sponsor of the video with your product/brand.
  • The film intro includes the text 'Presented by [YOUR BRAND/YOUR LOGO]' or similar.
  • Using your product in daily use throughout the entire film (if the nature of the product allows for it. Minimum of 3 placements.)
  • Film length: 30 Minutes minimum
  • At least 1 Minute of product presentation
  • Planning and scripting of the film
  • Shooting the entire road trip / journey
  • Editing the film

2. Upload

  • Uploading and optimizing (including tags, video description, etc.) to my channel
  • Before the release, you will receive a link to preview the film
  • 250 words video description minimum
  • 2 links to your product/website/social media in the video description
  • 10 tags
  • 1 thumbnail


  • Sharing the film on my Facebook and Instagram channels
  • 3 product photos (provided the product's nature permits it)

Sascha Ohde Partner Arwinger Logo
Sascha Ohde Partner Ocean Spirit Logo
Sascha Ohde Partner RK Reich Logo
Sascha Ohde Partner GanHin Logo
Sascha Ohde Partner Twusch Logo

With a partnership for my next project, you have the opportunity to associate your products or services with a unique road trip experience in an incomparably authentic and practical way.

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Sascha Ohde Roadtrips - Argument Roadtrip-Kilometer
Sascha Ohde Roadtrips - Argument Schokolade

The film can be freely linked, embedded and used for advertising purposes, e.g. on websites or social media platforms at any time. The provision of the film as a file (MP3, Full-HD) is available upon request for an additional fee.