Sascha Ohde Vanlife Adventures, Route des Grandes Alpes

Route des Grandes Alpes This could be YOUR movie! Project Description The Route des Grandes Alpes is one of the most legendary routes in the world, offering an impressive mix of spectacular mountain landscapes and picturesque villages. With a length of over 700 kilometers and an elevation difference of almost 16,000 meters, it is a unique experience for every nature enthusiast. ...

Lofoten, Norwegen

To the North Cape and back This could be YOUR movie! Project Description This road trip is intended to be a repetition of my winter road trip adventure from 2018. But this time, I will be driving the route in summer, and I can't wait to experience the many beautiful destinations in a completely different season! Route: approx. 7,000 – 8,000 km Duration: approx. 8 ...


USA, Canada & Alaska This could be YOUR movie! Project Description This monumental project will fulfill a lifelong dream! In addition to the road trip itself, this project will involve the self-conversion of a motorhome and its shipment across the big pond and back. Route: approx. 22,000 – 30,000 km Duration: at least 6 months