Movie: The German Alpine Road.

Film Deutsche Alpenstraße

Road trip along the most beautiful road in Germany.

In this film, we take you on our spectacular journey along the German Alpine Road, THE dream route for every camper! From picturesque mountain landscapes to heartfelt encounters – experience with us the beauty and diversity of this unique route, unparalleled in Germany.

Our road trip begins in the charming Lindau on Lake Constance, but on this journey, we are primarily drawn to nature. During this adventure, we not only have spectacular views in store for you. Discover how the region has changed over time, especially for camper travelers, and what unexpected challenges a road trip can bring. From gigantic waterfalls to spectacular hikes to unforeseen challenges – this film provides a comprehensive insight into our road trip along the German Alpine Road with all its ups and downs.

The film

Year: 2024
Film duration: 63 minutes

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