Movie: To the North Cape and back with a motorhome in winter

Thumnail Film Mit dem Wohnmobil im Winter zum Nordkap und zurück

Road trip: To the North Cape and back in winter

Norway - a natural paradise of extremes! Endless fjord landscapes, impressive natural spectacles, mighty waterfalls, and snow-covered mountain ranges that rise hundreds of meters from the sea.

I will be crossing one of the most beautiful countries in Europe for six weeks with my motorhome, from the northernmost tip to the south of the country.

My route initially takes me through Sweden heading north, and from the North Cape with a detour to the Lofoten Islands along the rugged coast of Norway, back towards the south.

What do you want to see when you mentally look back at the end of your life?

Just before starting this journey, I gave up my career as a musician to fully devote myself to my second passion, traveling. However, the answer to the question of why is much more complex than my trip to the North Cape, which I deliberately planned for the winter months. Many people think it's not a good idea, but I have a good reason. About a year ago, I was confronted with the following question that has been stuck in my head ever since: “Was möchtest du sehen, wenn du gedanklich an das Ende deines Lebens gehst und darauf zurück blickst?” A big and yet so simple question, to which I have found several answers. At the top of my list is observing the Northern Lights. And they can only be seen in the winter in northern Norway.

The film

Year: 2018
Film duration: 64 Minuten

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